Walk All the Way, Embrace Hope--Our College Launches Psychological Group Counselling and Education Activities for International Students


In order to guide foreign students to master psychological adjustment methods to deal with negative emotions in time, and to have a healthy and positive psychological state, our college recently invited Sun Hui, a teacher from the Mental Health Education Center for College Students, to carry out Walk All the Way, Embrace Hope mental health group education activities for foreign students. In the group psychological counselling classroom of our college, Students from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Comoros, Togo, Congo (Brazzaville), Indonesia, Yemen and other countries as well as teachers from our college attended the activity. 


Sun Hui, the instructor of the group, vividly explained the rules of the psychological group assisting project, and led teachers and students to carry out this project. The scene is filled with frequent interactions and laughter. International students were absorbed and actively engaged. Activities such as greet warmly, praise each other sincerely, love at fingertips and untie the myriad knot all feature warm atmospheres and are very popular among international students. Luo Wei, an international student from Togo, said that he did have some psychological pressure since the outbreak of the epidemic, and with the help of the teacher, he quickly adjusted and he would like to thank the college for organizing this activity. Students not only tempered their psychological quality, but also felt the importance of coordination and harmonious interpersonal relationship. 


Strengthening the mental health education and improving the psychological quality of international students is an important part of the daily management of international students, and it is also an inevitable requirement fro the normalization of epidemic prevention and control. This psychological group-assisting education activity further guides international students to understand mental health knowledge, it enhances their abilities to resist pressure and team consciousness, and helps international students to devote themselves to their future studies and lives with more positive attitudes.

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