Teachers and students from our college have achieved good results in the second Chinese classic reading contest Reading China


Recently, the Ministry of Education and the State Language Commission announced evaluation results of the Second Chinese Classic Reading Contest Reading China. The work China in Moonlight sent by our college was awarded the first prize of the International Students Group, and Zhou Qian won the Excellent Instructor Award. 


A total of 150 winning works were selected in this competition, including 10 first prizes, 20 second prizes, 30 third prizes and 90 excellent prizes. Since the first Chinese Classics Recitation and Speaking Reading Contest in which we won the National Excellence Award of the International Student Group with the work I Love You, China, this is the first time that international students from our college won a National First Prize of the International Student Group in this reading contest, which is a historic breakthrough achieved. 


In recent years, our college insist on running schools internationally, and accelerating the development of studying in China. We continuously attach importance to the function of cultural inheritance education, and pay attention to natural integrations of Chinese excellent traditional culture into campus cultures, recitations, vocal musics, sports and other carriers. We strive to create characteristic culture education for international students, to carry out cultural education work in depth, and to focus on cultivating international people who know, befriend and love China, so that international students can tell Chinese stories and demonstrate Chinese charm to the world.

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