Walking into Xuzhou with Chinese style and experiencing traditional culture-teachers and students of our college participated in a series of activities of Chinese culture experience of foreign friends in Xu


Recently, a series of activities entitled Chinese Culture Experience of Foreign Friends in Xuzhou sponsored by the Xuzhou People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries was launched in Xuzhou Chinese Culture Scenic Spot, foreign students and teachers from our college were invited to participate in the activities. 


Xuzhou, the hometown of Liu Bang who is the Emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty, is the representative city of Han culture in Jiangsu Province, and it has been committed to publicizing and promoting Han culture all over the world. Foreign teachers and students watched the Hanfu performance and the Hanfu catwalk in front of the Han Gaozu Liu Bang sculpture. Waist-length skirts, pipa flying sleeves, and various Hanfu show the charm of Han style and ancient civilization. In the activity, foreign teachers and students tried on Chinese clothes with great interests, and expereinced cultural activities such as ringing chime bells, playing guqin, throwing pots and printing movable type at close range, so as to personally immerse the interest of Chinese traditional culture. Xuzhou Han Terracotta Warriors and Horses have left a deep impression on everyone with their unique stance and freehand brushwork. Characteristic buildings and intangible cultural heritage projects in Hubushan ancient residential scenic spot have made foreign teachers and students linger, and handcrafts such as kneading clay figurines, making sachets and paper cutting were deeply appreciated by everyone. 


In an interview with th Xuzhou TV Station, Aladu, a Togolese student, said that by experiencing the charming Xuzhou Han culture and personally participating in Xuzhou's intangible cultural activities, he had a deeper understanding of Xuzhou's history and culture and closer feelings for Chinese traditional culture. 


This activity has set up a platform for foreign teachers and students to understand Chinese culture and learn Chinese excellent traditional culture. Adhering to the tenet of learning the quintessence of Chinese culture and feeling the charm of culture, our college enables international students to understand, see, touch and speak culture through a series of Chinese cultural activities, so as to fully feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture, and to make international students fall in love with Xuzhou and China in a subtle way.




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