Entering Chinese Calligraphy and Feeling Cultural Charm--The Establishment of Xuzhou Institute of Technology Overseas Students Calligraphy Society


In order to enrich the extracurricular cultural life of international students in our school and strengthen their understanding of Chinese traditional culture, the calligraphy society for international students in Xuzhou Institute of Technology organized by the Institute of International Education successfully opened.

The Institute of International Education adheres to the tenet of "learning the quintessence of Chinese culture and feeling the charm of culture", takes the community culture as the starting point, and vigorously promotes the Chinese calligraphy culture through the guidance of professional teachers, creating opportunities and platforms for international students to understand and learn Chinese culture.

On the afternoon of April 21st, overseas students gathered in the calligraphy classroom to swim in the long river of scholarly art in Mo Yun. They hoped to feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture by learning Chinese calligraphy, write beautiful Chinese characters, and strive to shoulder the mission of messengers of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.

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