SIE held the award ceremony of "Reading China" recitation competition and "Xuzhou in My Eyes" essay competition


On the afternoon of March 17th, our college held the award ceremony of "Reading China" recitation contest and "Xuzhou in My Eyes" essay contest in Boku Bookstore of Yifu Library. Dong Liangfeng, secretary of the Party branch of our college, attended the ceremony and presented awards to the award-winning students and the first prize instructors.

This year's recitation competition was evaluated by the judges of the competition, and 2 first prizes, 4 second prizes and 8 third prizes were decided; One first prize, one second prize and two third prizes were awarded in the essay contest. Aladu from Togo and Gem from Congo (Brazzaville) won the first prize in the recitation competition with their good Mandarin pronunciation, full feelings and full interpretation of their works. Wang Zhengguang from Indonesia won the first prize in the essay contest.

Dong Liangfeng fully affirmed the performance of international students in this competition. He pointed out that learning is the foundation of students, and international students actively participate in the competition and carefully prepare their works, which reflects the solid Chinese skills and high spirit of international students in our college, and further promotes the construction of study style in our college. He hopes that taking this competition as an opportunity, overseas students will make persistent efforts, keep forging ahead, urge themselves, return home as soon as possible, and earnestly shoulder the responsibility of messengers of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.

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