School leaders visit and sympathize with international students staying in school during winter vacation


On the afternoon of January 5th, Vice President Cao Jie visited and consoled the overseas students who stayed in school during the winter vacation, and sent them school care and New Year greetings. Accompanied by the person in charge of our hospital and relevant staff.

Cao Jie and his party came to the dormitory for international students and sent condolences to the international students staying in school on behalf of the school. Cao Jie inquired about the living conditions and holiday arrangements of international students in detail, and instructed them to continue to strictly abide by the requirements of school epidemic prevention and control during winter vacation, actively cooperate with school epidemic prevention and control work, and improve their awareness of self-protection. He encouraged international students to cherish and make good use of their vacation time, strengthen their study, master their skills and achieve success in their studies. Finally, I would like to express my New Year greetings to the international students, wishing all the international students a safe, happy, joyful and peaceful Chinese Year.

International students are very grateful to the school leaders for their concern, and they all say that they will cherish the opportunity to study and live in Xuzhou University of Technology, learn their skills well, be grateful to Xuzhou, care for China, and strive to be friendly messengers for exchanges between China and foreign countries.

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