SIE established an international student union ?


In order to better integrate international students into school education and teaching management and campus culture, improve their awareness of self-management and self-service, and promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, the College of International Education decided to set up an international student union. After a month's preparation and selection, according to the self-declaration of international students, recommendation of teachers and students, interview and investigation of the college, the first international student union was established at the end of October, and Aladu, a Togolese civil engineering undergraduate, served as the president of the first international student union.

At the first working meeting of the International Student Union, Dong Liangfeng, secretary of the Party branch directly under the College of International Education, congratulated the establishment of the International Student Union, It is hoped that the Student Union will adhere to the policy of "self-education, self-management and self-service", aiming at enhancing mutual understanding and information exchange among international students, organizing various healthy and beneficial campus activities, enriching the cultural, sports and academic activities of international students, and creating a good learning and living environment. At the same time, he said that the college will fully support the work of the Student Union, strive to create a harmonious, friendly and progressive study and life atmosphere for international students, and serve the growth and success of international students. Aladu, President of the International Student Union, spoke on behalf of the cadres of the International Student Union, saying that he would lead the Student Union to closely unite all international students, actively carry out relevant work in international student management, extracurricular activities, volunteer service, etc., show the good spirit of international students in the college, and make a good bridge and link between the school and international students.

    In recent years, our school has adhered to the open school, promoted the internationalization strategy, continuously strengthened the connotation construction of international student education, and achieved rapid development in the management of international student education. The establishment of the Student Union for International Students marks a solid step towards the standardization and scientific direction of the management of international students in our school.

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